Mike and Liz are based in Colchester Essex and have worked together for the past 8 years developing their style and knowledge, designing rooms, a wine bar, managing projects and travelling around the country buying and selling at Antique & Collectables, Vintage and Trade Fairs.  Please look at our stock pages for items to purchase.

Work Ethic:

We have built a faithful following of clients and friends alike over the years. Our experience in different fields has proven invaluable when selecting artifacts for our wide range of customers / clients. Due to our extensive network of contacts and travels across the country and Europe, we are able to source most any Antique or Artifact you would like for your home.

We are able to cater to the wide range of designers requiring unusual or historical artifacts for their projects, as well as providing designs and pieces for our own clients from well known designers as well as aesthetically pleasing works of art from around the world.

We aim to make our designs fit seamlessly into different periods, styles, and Continents. To this end, we work with a range of past and co-existing styles using adaptation and open interpretation.

Our aim is to create / design a project just for you, in a totally individual expressive environment, where life and comfort co-exist in harmonious balance, as elements of your desires.

If you feel inspired after looking at our web site and are considering selling any interesting items, we would be pleased to hear from you to evaluate them.

Mike & Liz

Liz at the Norfolk Fair